Suspected murder of hotels in Kalmar – death of the woman

A 51-year-old woman was found dead in a hotel room in Kalmar.

The situation on site ensures that the police suspects that murder and interrogation have taken place.

"It is being investigated by the unit that deals with serious crime," said Rickard Lundqvist, president of the Police Region South.

The alarm that a middle-aged woman was found dead in a hotel room in Kalmar came at 1.51 pm.

Situations and on-site observations mean that the police "at the moment" suspects a murder, writes the police on their website.

"More than that, we can not tell you at the moment," says Rickard Lundqvist.

The family members of the woman are informed.

The police carried out a technical investigation on the spot. On Tuesday, forensic investigation is planned, the police writes on his website.

No one is suspected or arrested for the deed.

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