Suspects found – property blocked in Djurgården

The alarm on the suspected dangerous object arrived at the police at 7.40 pm on Monday evening. The current building, located at Djurgården, has been cleared.

On his website the police write:

"An object is found in a house in Djurgården and it can not be excluded that it is dangerous.

The current space is secured and even an area outside the property is blocked in anticipation of the subject being investigated by the National Bommazer. "

Police robbed of objects in Djurgården

The police were initially prepared for the incident.

"I can not say more than what is on the website," said Eva Nilsson, Presidential spokesman for the Stockholm police.

The item must be found in a home. The police do not want to say whether it is private or public property – or how the item was alarmed.

But a witness tells Aftonbladet that the locks extend from Skansen to Gröna Lund.

"Now waiting for the National Bombing to watch", says Eva Nilsson.

The bomb group is reportedly on its way at 10:15 pm, but the police have no forecast for when to comment on the item.

"National bombing works calmly and systematically and patiently," says Eva Nilsson.

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