Suspicious find in the archipelago of Gothenburg – police in place

The police are investigating a find on a beach in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Witnesses state that there are human remains, but when the technicians from the police came to the island, it turned out that it was a laboratory of a seal.

At 8 o'clock on Sunday morning the police were warned about an alleged body part in the Gothenburg archipelago.

The police went to the island and waited for technicians who left Skaraborg.

"We have no idea if it's body parts or anything else, it could be people, but it could also be something else, there are also some animals," said Hans Lippens, president of the west police region.

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Police in place after the alarm of finding human remains.

A person who was on the island as Aftonbladet said that the find was done in the morning and that it looked like human remains.

Hans Lippens has seen a photo of the find.

"It looks like a rare burden, but it will make the technicians decide," he says.

At lunchtime the technicians came on the spot and discovered that it was a Sabbath.

The three headlines today Sunday, August 26 00:29

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