Sweden Democrats met election observers Aftonbladet

Democrats of Sweden: seriously look at the physical attacks

The Swedish Democrats have met election observers to submit a list of the problems the party sees in the electoral movement.

"We are looking in particular at the physical attacks of our electorate," says Mattias Karlsson, SD.

For the first time, observers from the European Security and Cooperation Organization (OSCE) are present in Sweden to monitor the electoral process. On Wednesday, representatives of the Swedish Democrats met the two election observers to submit a report.

– I'm glad they're here. We wanted to see election observers for a long time, "says SD group leader Mattias Karlsson against TT.

Observers meet representatives of all parliamentary parties, and in the past, the moderate individuals have presented false information about the party's policies. SD also noted this, but according to Karlsson, focusing on the safety of electoral workers, where he believes that the representatives of the party are the most vulnerable.

"We look in particular at the physical attacks of our electorates, as we have seen in many places, and we want to see more resources to ensure their safety.

Karlsson also finds SD the worst hit by cheating with balloons.

"It is far too easy to cheat, and it mainly affects us," says Karlsson, who does not believe the report will change anything for Sunday's election, but hopes to affect the next year's EU election.

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