The battle for the unusual green-colored path on Öland

The green-colored path appeared a lot a hundred years ago on Öland, but then dropped in number and disappeared in the 1990s.

Now the provincial government in Kalmar is working together with the establishment of the Nordic Council to build the population. Thursday paddsläpp was the sixth in the harbor of Högby. It is known that previously released paddies have spread and children have been given.

The toads are raised in the northern ark in Bohuslän of eggs collected in a lime calf in Malmö. The green-colored pad is classified as a vulnerable species in Sweden.

"But I want to say that the situation is worse than that: the populations present are very widespread in Skåne and Blekinge, without contact with each other," says Kristofer Försäter, project manager for the Nordic archives.

In October about 2000 green speckles will be released in Ottenby in the south of Öland.

The green colored pad is a maximum of 13-14 centimeters long. There are two paddles in Sweden: ordinary beetle and beach paw (also called stinkpadda).

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