The "British summer" has reached its peak

Large parts of southern Sweden have had high temperatures during the summer. But now the temperature drops, and by the weekend it will be successful in the autumn.

The heat of September seems to be over. Stock Johan Nilsson / TT

On Tuesday, the highest Swedish daily temperature in Lund was measured – 26.4 degrees. At nine of SMHI's stations in Skåne and Småland it has been around 25, and in some places in the south of Norway, mercury has reached more than 20.

"I would say that it is the" peach "that is today, says SMHI & # 39; s meteorologist, Elisabeth Saarnak, to TT.

"Tomorrow it will be about 20 for Götaland and eastern Svealand, and possibly it will be on the east coast of Götaland in 22-23, but the warmest air will move further to the east at night.


beautiful late summer

The definition of the British summer may vary, but in general it means warm and sunny days around the Birgittadagen, which are October 7th.

Normally there is also a requirement that a period of cool weather should have been earlier.

Source: SMHI.

However, there has not been talked about a record heat for September, it still needed a few degrees.

"It is not surprising that you get up in the summer temperatures in September, but it is not every year that you get up in the high summer temperatures." The average daily temperature in September in the southern half of Sweden is around 15-16 degrees, says Elisabeth Saarnak. .

During Wednesday and Thursday it is all windy and on Thursday it starts to grow.

"Then we expect a deep low pressure on Friday, then it's a nice weather protection for the weekend," says Saarnak.


Background: heat absorption in September

These are the highest measured temperatures in the respective parts of the country in Sweden during the time that SMHI has measured:

Götaland: 29.1 degrees in Stehag, Eslöv, 1 September 1975.

Svealand: 28.9 degrees in Kårsta, Vallentuna, 7 September 1968 and in Trängslet, Älvdalen, 3 September 1958.

Norrland: 28 degrees in Gävle on 2 September 1983 and in Hede, Härjedalen, 3 September 1958.

Source: SMHI

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