The bus accident is being investigated as a negligence – page & # 39; s

It was on Friday afternoon as a bus of 21 passengers, many from Kalix, flooded from a bridge and down on a railway line in the Finnish Kuopio. Three women and one died and four more were seriously injured in the accident.

The Finnish accident research center has so far found that the bus was very fast at the time of the accident, which according to the police is serious concealment in traffic, according to Sveriges Radio.

On Saturday evening the police confirmed that three of the perpetrators and 13 of the 16 wounded lived in the municipality of Kalix.

On Sunday, some people who went back to Kalix in the bus accident will write the town on their website.

"We are willing to help the victims when they return to Kalix," said Agneta Lipkin, coordinator.

The municipality also announces that the Änglagård cemetery will be open on Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm.

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