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The police used protective masks and extensive clothing because of the poisonous smoke.

photo: Marcus Palmgren

The police used protective masks and extensive clothing because of the poisonous smoke.

The radio suddenly heard the call "bird strike". A private pilot came from the air witness of the drama when a Jas Gripen plane crashed.

And it went very quickly from the alarm of bird collisions until the crash.

It was Tuesday morning at twenty past ten when the alarm was about a flight hut north of Möljeryd. A plane from Jas Gripen collided with what the pilot himself described as a flock of larger birds.

"He had had orders over the Baltic Sea, and on the way back he practiced instrument flight when he collided with the birds, asking for a short landing time, but then noticed that the plane was not full," said Adam Nelson, F17- flight director.

The bang when the plane crashed by several residents, and one of them says:

"It was a damn bang, I thought at first that there was someone who had chased, but it was much higher than a shot, then the neighbor went and we saw the black smoke, it was right on each other and it smelled like a fan.

Image of the site.

photo: Blekinge Aircraft / armed forces

Image of the site.

The two neighbors were first convinced that there must be a forest machine or harvester that burned and got out of the car to try to find the place. But even though they know the area well, it was not possible to get there.

– Only when we came home were we told that an airplane was crashing. We just live during the approach and it is clear that we sometimes talk about the risks, says the eyewitness.

He is also very important that local residents do not get information about how toxic the smoke was. It was only when he met two police officers in masks, as he was told.

A private pilot who was in the air above Ronneby saw the dramatic event of his cockpit. First call the radio about bird collision and then a short time later the black smoker of the crash.

The jacket pilot, described as relatively experienced, had to banish himself and could soon be found back by the own helicopter 14 of the defense who happened to be on his way home after a mission. He had the opportunity to meet colleagues and contacts before he was taken away for review. According to reports, he must be able to be employed fairly quickly.

"In the given circumstances he feels very good, he looked very excited when I embraced him shortly after, says Adam Nelson.

Was he crazy?

– Not special. But it is clear that he was not unmoved, given what had happened.

Has the pilot tried to stay away from homes?

"If he has had the opportunity to avoid housing, he has done so.

How low was he when he shot out?

– It was pretty low. In a Jas plan you can actually sit on the floor and push it out and still manage it. The performance is so good in the rescue system.

Even when BLT Möljeryd approaches, a helicopter appears in the air. Several police cars with sirens come from the scene of the accident. When we arrive at Långgölsövägen, we stop at a police patrol.

– You should not come any closer. The smoke is poisonous.

In it, their colleagues work with extensive clothing and protective masks. The crash caused a violent explosion and smokers seemed to come all the way up to Karlskrona. The composite that makes up the planet ensures that particles are released into the smoke that become poisonous. The public is asked not to go to the area.

– The property location now becomes military protection. The garden committee is probably coming here. We have gone uphill ", says Lars Bergström, F17.


Previous incidents

In 2014, two Gripenplan were a fraction of a second of crashing into the air during an exercise in Norrbotten. According to the Council for Investigation on Accidents of Accidents, the training of one pilot broke out.

2009 Buklandade a Gripenplan on F 17 in Kallinge and almost in the neighborhood. The reason was that the pilot did not drop the landing site.

2007 caused a failure of the message that a Gripenplan crashed outside Vidsel in Norrbotten.

In 2005 a Gripenplan crossed south of the edge of the Karlskrona archipelago.

1999 a plan in Vänern collapsed during an air combat exercise.

1993 a Gripenplan crashed with thousands of spectators at the Waterfestival in the center of Stockholm.

1989, while Gripen developed, a plane crashed during a test flight in Linköping.

Source: TT / BLT

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