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In November last year, the captain was sentenced to four months in prison for brutal shipwrecks and gross negligence in sea traffic and the first mate of the ship for two months for coarse sea transport. In the report, the Commission writes that because of the two-way system of the ship the captain did not have enough rest days for the event. He had to sleep only three hours a night and claims that he only drank alcohol after the ship was finished when he became so nervous, but the Commission is skeptical about it.

Both the captain and the superintendent had 1.76 percent in the blood when the police checked the ship.

If the alarm system was not switched off, the captain could have been awakened in time to steer. The ship was also out of place because the crew consisted only of eight people and was severely limited in its waiting schedule, the Commission writes.

The ship took no water and leaked no oil in the ground. It is owned by the shipping company Venus Shipping, with headquarters in Denmark.

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