The center excludes Mikail Yüksel – should have had a relationship with the Gray Wolves

Mikail Yüksel is excluded with immediate effect because he has had to cooperate with the High Extreme Organization Gray Wolves without having informed the party about it.

"It has been shown that he has participated in a work to start a Swedish branch of the Gray Wolves, which is an ultra-national and right-wing movement," said Center Party Secretary Michael Arthursson.

Mikail Yüksel, together with the leader of the gray warlords, should have posed on photos too.

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According to Michael Arthursson Mikail Yüksel met Gray wolves during the weekend, when the party investigated the matter further.

"Colleagues asked us in-depth questions, and then he admitted that this strong connection with the Gray Wolves," said Michael Arthursson.

Why has it only now been discovered?

– When the lists were drawn up last year, there were many discussions. It was speculated that he would be Erdogan-friendly and had a kind of bond with Turkish nationalists. Then there was no evidence of the accusations, nor that he said that, says Michael Arthursson.

Michael Arthursson says that the nomination committees of the party interview everyone who quotes the party and asks questions about difficult circumstances.

Do you think this system worked?

"It is based on the fact that those who are candidates are actually open and honest, we do not have a security policy in the party, but we have these control functions and if everyone tells us about things, the nomination committees can assess this before the ballot is determined.

"I have just heard from the media that I am excluded from the Center Party," writes Mikail Yüksel on Facebook.

He also writes that he will give his own version of the event in the evening.

According to Michael Arthursson, Mikail Yüksel has clearly received information about the discussions that have been held and he also receives an e-mail with the message of exclusion.

The decision was taken by the board and in Gothenburg Mikail Yüksel is the second name in the riksdag after party leader Annie Lööf.

In 2016, Minister of Housing Mehmet Kaplan (MP) was allowed to resign, among other things for the presentation of photos during dinner with representatives of the Gray Wolves.

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