The failure of Jimmie Åkesson when hearing SVT

Where is the Smokesta with runes from the 8th century? In which castle does Erik XIV have?

SD leader Jimmie Åkesson, like the other party leaders involved, was able to answer a few clear questions during the interruption of the & # 39; Hearing & # 39; from SVT.

– I think you're the worst. It is not possible to think clearly about this environment ", says Jimmie Åkesson.

When asked about the Sami as a people in Sweden, Åkesson replied 1981 – despite the fact that the answer was in 2011 and he himself was in parliament.

"So I've been with you and decided on this, I've fallen a bit on the definition of what a people is," says Åkesson.

"I'm wrong, so I'm actually"

When asked how many referenda we have had in Sweden, Åkesson has a high score:

– Voting rights, spirits, traffic, pensions, nuclear energy, the EU … there must be eight. If I'm wrong, I'm actually going ", Åkesson said.

The correct answer is six.

– Dear everybody. Oh, what I am removed here I feel.

In total Åkesson got the right of five. The only correct answer is to answer the question of how long you can be arrested, which is three days.

There was not much better for the other party leaders. Stefan Löfven (S) got two out of five. Ebba Busch Thor (KD) two out of five. Jonas Sjöstedt (V) three out of five. Jan Björklund (L) two out of five. Ulf Kristersson (M) two out of five. Isabella Lövin (M) five out of five. Annie Lööf (C) two out of five.

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