The fire prohibition has been suspended – this applies to your municipality

In connection with the extreme drought and the high fire risk in the summer, a fire ban was imposed on 23 July – and on 13 August grilling was allowed on its own plot.

The board of the province has assumed on Tuesday that the general ban on fire will end in Skåne on Tuesday at 16.00.

However, it is still up to each municipality to decide whether they are on the same line.

During the Tuesday afternoon, the municipalities in Malmö, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Kävlinge, Lund, Perstorp and Vellinge have published the information that they can cook and grill again.

Svedala keeps the ban

On the other hand, many municipalities have not expressed their attitude towards the fire-fighting ban, such as Bjuv, Burlöv, Klippan, Landskrona, Lomma, Staffanstorp, Svalöv, Åstorp, Ängelholm and Örkelljunga Municipality.

The municipality of Svedala is the only municipality so far declared to maintain the general ban on fire prevention until further notice.

3 tips: so grill fire resistant

Make sure the grill is off the ground. Disposable grilles can easily cause fire.

Grill at a safe distance from combustible materials such as buildings and forests.

Keep fire extinguishers within easy reach.

Source: County Administrative Board in Skåne

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