The girl was attacked by an unknown man in his house in Säffle

At lunch on Tuesday, a teenage minor girl was alone at home in Säffle. Suddenly it knocked on the door, which the newspaper New Wermlands first reported.

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She opened and met a man who was totally unknown to her.

– That person would have a drink. It did not have her. Then he picked up something that could be a piece of glass and cut her face. Then she closed the door and in that connection he cut her, so she got a slap on her face, says inspector Mats Sjöblom to the police of Värmland.

"It is sad," said researcher Mats Sjöblom, when it happened.

photo: SVT / document from the inside

It should have been the fist of the fight.

Then the man disappeared from there.

"It's ugly done"

The reason for the attack is unclear.

"We do not know, but it looks like they did not know each other," says Mats Sjöblom.

He is angry about it.

"It's crazy and we can not accept that someone will fool anyone if they do not get what they want, it's sad, he says.

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The whole is classified as abuse, but the police have not suspected this yet.

"We will talk about how to proceed," says Mats Sjöblom at the New Wermlands newspaper.

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