The grip surface collapsed in a sensitive area

Jas Gripen's plan, which crashed earlier this week in Blekinge, can make it for residents of the area when the accident occurred in a vulnerable water area, reports South East.

Photo of the site where the Jas Gripenplan crashed on 21 Blekinge Aircraft / armed forces

"The plane is in the middle of the basin of our sources in the new water system, but as we said, we still know very little, but can rely on information from the armed forces," says Conny Miketinac, CEO of the municipal water and sewage company Environmental Engineering in Ronneby.

At this moment new water pipes are being built between the sources in Karlsnäs and the water works in Brantafors, in Kallinge.

"The oath took place within what will become the outer water protection area, which is perhaps a bit timid, and in that respect it could have been worse and closer to the sources," says Eva-Lundberg, environmental and buildings management inspector at the newspaper.

In the winter of 2013 it became known that the drinking water in Kallinge and Ronneby contained high levels of the now banned chemical PFAS. It is expected that approximately 5,000 children and adults have obtained the synthetically produced chemicals via drinking water. The emission source was a fire training location at the aircraft fleet F17. The defense has taken responsibility for water pollution, but does not say that it has known the risks of firefighting.

About 170 people in Kallinge and Ronneby have taken the municipal water company to court after the drinking water has been polluted for several years.

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