The hot summer has given the church unpleasant consequences – society

The Visby Cathedral has had a less pleasant surprise in the form of molds in various places. Now the chairman of the church council, Inger Harlevi, says that various factors have caused the interior of the cathedral to be attacked by fungi in the summer.

"We need antiquarian guidelines on how to clean," says Inger Harlevi on P4 Gotland.

She believes that the warm temperatures in combination with about 2,000 visitors a day have caused a high humidity of 82 percent, which now resulted in mold on old furniture, in and under benches and on the pulpit.

It is not the first time that the cathedral suffers from fungal attacks and Inger Harlevi is serious about this.

– During the restoration we saw that there was mold in the church. It is true that we are incredibly attentive here and that we are rusting for the future. This is going to be resolved, so it comes out now, that is the emergency procedure, says Inger Harlevi against P4 Gotland.

Harlevi also believes that you should better monitor the humidity of the church to prevent future attacks. Tor Broström, a professor of culture at Campus Gotland, together with the Energy Agency, advised at the Gotland church, also prayed for a proposal on how to act and what equipment might be needed to keep the humidity in the old pride in the future. keep from the 13th century.

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