The Swedish Democrats use unknown persons in electoral regulations

This week, the Swedish Democrats in Jönköping sent a poll where Sven, 58, tells a doctor that he had accidentally had prostate cancer.

The man in the picture that Sven represents, however, has no connection with prostate cancer.

"It was a miss," said Samuel Godrén, group leader for SD in the Jonkoping region.

Samuel Godrén, group leader of the Swedish Democrats in Jönköping.

Prior to the elections, SD produced a newspaper with several interviewees in Jönköping.

The goal is to highlight shortcomings in healthcare, among others, with a human perspective, says Samuel Godrén.

In one of the interviews, Sven, 58, told a doctor that he had a prostate cancer by accident. That is why he wants all men to test prostate cancer when they approach 50 years – something that SD wants to consider obligatory.

Not Sven in the picture

The fact that the man in the photo is not related to prostate cancer can not be seen in the newspaper, who told Jonkoping posts first.

"It's a real story, but we used a photo bank, I do not know if we bought the image or it was taken from an image bank where it's free, at least it's not a copyrighted image, says Samuel Godrén and continues :

– We may have a small text below the image, as shown. It was a miss.

The image is used for commercial purposes

The image of Sven has been used in a number of other commercial contexts.

The man named Jocke Danielsson is on the Attefallsförening website and is an IT consultant. He "does not regret for a second" that he visited their website where he is now a customer.

In a different context he is called Dave and he is interested in solar energy, according to Jonkingsposten. He is also called Atori Nakamoto and is an expert in data and mathematics.

Important to be communicated

Although the man in the photo has no direct link to prostate cancer, Samuel Godrén believes that the most important thing is that the message reaches the reader.

"The most important thing is that prostate cancer is not accidentally discovered, it can affect thousands of people.

Samuel Godrén did not contribute to the newspaper, but instead refers to Björn Runn, vice-chairman of the district.

"I am responsible for the political content, but I did not take part in the newspaper itself, it is Björn Runn who did it.

The image is not related to prostate cancer

Aftonbladet has sought Björn Runn, group leader for SD in the region, without any results.

For Jönköpingsposten Björn Runn says that there have been interviews with people living in the province – but it can be sensitive to entertain with name and image.

"There may be family members and friends who do not have the same opinions or people in the workplace with different views.

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