The water in Lidköping is unsuitable – must be boiled

On Wednesday evening the high levels of E. coli bacteria in the municipal drinking water in Lidköping are detected. These should be about 20 times more than the limit value. The rescue chief has therefore called on everyone to boil the water before it is drunk, writes P4 Skaraborg.

"It is at different sampling points in Lidköping that we have found E. coli bacteria and the result is unwelcome and that's why we want to encourage all residents of the municipality to cook their drinking water and water as a safety measure", says Linda Lundström, Managing Director at Teknisk Service, in a commentary on the website of the municipality.

The municipality is in crisis preparedness

It is unclear what the cause of the problem is – the municipality Lidköpings analyzes the results of the sampling to find the source.

The municipality states on its website that they have fallen into crisis preparedness.

"Hospitals and healthcare institutions are now taking measures to secure their activities"They write on the page.

P4 Skaraborg states that Grästorp, Vara and Essunga are connected to the same water system as Lidköping, but it is unclear whether the three municipalities have been affected.

At 11.30 pm an important message was sent to the public, even in Grästorp, where residents are invited to boil the drinking water because it is possibly contaminated.

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