The Work Environment Authority has taken more action in the summer heat – News (Ekot)

"The summer was horrible, the heat affects both physically and mentally, I think it's dangerous to work at certain temperatures, both for staff and for housing," says Belinda Mattsson, who is the senior representative in Borlänge.

After working for a long time at temperatures above 30 degrees, Belinda Mattsson allowed a so-called protective stop for showering and cleaning. Due to her considered duties were too dangerous to be able to perform.

– In the shower it can be 45 degrees. There you stand with rubber boots and plastic apron. Then you stand up and work at 30 degrees in the department.

The security stop was lifted by the work environment authority after a few days, but other measures were required.

The hot summer has led to an increasing number of similar interventions from the work environment. In the period from June to mid-August there were at least 11 opportunities to force employers to improve the indoor climate at their workplace. It can be compared with 3 occasions in the same period last year.

"I'm not surprised at all, considering how it has been summer, you feel that it is too hot in your workplace and in connection with that you experience poor ventilation and it can be badly ventilated, but it is not noticeable when there are normal temperatures ", says Gunnar Åhlander, manager at the work environment.

Gunnar Åhlander hopes aThis summer will be a wake-up call for many employers, in the awareness that the emergency situation for extreme situations must be increased.

& # 39; In the past, these warm-up weeks were one and then you can do it. But when it starts to be two, three or four weeks, it is much more difficult. And then you must have thought about it, how do we deal with this?

– People who bought it on time bought table fans to put at their workplace. It can be hoped that employers think they need a few such table fans if there is something like this summer, "says Gunnar Åhlander of the work environment.

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