Then Elisabeth Massi Fritz answers the criticism

It was on Monday Aftonbladet went with the information that star lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz receives a warning and also pay a fine of SEK 50,000.

SVT News has asked Elisabeth Massi Fritz for comments, but she replies that her only statement today is a text she has posted on Instagram. She confirms, among other things, that she has negotiated with the Bar Association about an investigation against her.

"I have not received any motivation for the decision and can no longer say, except that there was no evidence for the gross burdens of overcharging, I have submitted thousands of pages on invoices etc. For many years and the foundation strengthens my statement , "she writes in her post on Instagram.

"Not a perfect lawyer"

She further defends by saying that there is no evidence that she should be a malicious manager. Something that she was accused by ex-employees of her office in the review that was made earlier this year by Aftonbladet.

"I am not a perfect lawyer, boss, wife or mother, I can be difficult and demanding and always want our clients to receive the best help."

Last year, the Disciplinary Board of the Law Society issued 22 warnings with a fine.

SVT News has been in contact with Secretary-General Anne Ramberg who refuses to comment on the matter.

The decision will be fully published on 10 September.

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