Thora L Norgård caught rare rainbow in Simrishamn

When Thora L Norgård was picked up, the family suddenly bathed in a magical glow.

She also succeeded at the rare moment.

– It was in my hair that I got this picture. You feel protected in some way, she says.

Thora L Norgård was out with his wife Linn and his father and picked blackberries at the farm in Simrishamn when it started to rain, which Ystads Allehanda told earlier.

Suddenly Thor & # 39; s father pointed to the right. Thora and Linn then saw a huge rainbow, in clear neon colors. While they looked somewhere else, they could see the end of the rainbow.

– It landed on the other side of the farm. And then we looked up and saw that it was right over us. It felt magical to see that it had settled just above our house, "said Thora.

Photo: Thora L Norgård

As a protective glory around the farm.

So the company was in the middle of the rainbow and Torah realized that this time was short. She called her wife to pick up the camera, jump over the ditch, and jump up to the field.

"The light was so strange, the farther away from the rainbow you came to the more faded colors, it looked almost alien, it was like an ljushalo that just transformed the whole farm, it was absolutely incredible, ten minutes later it was gone .

Photo: private

Thora L Norgård.

Thora snapped a photo that both impresses and awakens on social media. Seeing a full rainbow is something that few people can experience during their lifetime.

If, however, there was gold at the end of her, she can not answer.

– It was in my hair that I got this picture. I ran like crazy to the field, so we did not see what was going on in the end. But you feel protected in one way or another, live on that farm and experience it.

That is why we can see rainbows 00:35

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