Three arrested for rape under the Central Bridge

The rape should have been committed on 2 September under Centralbron in the center of Stockholm.

A 16-year-old arrested on Friday and arrested on Saturday suspected of big rape.

Now two men have been arrested, suspected of involvement in the rape.

One was arrested on Monday in Solna and the other on Tuesday in the Gallerian in the center of Stockholm, according to information to Aftonbladet.

Chamber of Public Prosecutor Niclas Englund has been cautious with details in the case, but has confirmed to DN that the 16-year-old is arrested because of the sensitive investigation.

"I do not want to leave too many tasks Rape rape is a very serious crime of imprisonment of up to five years as a punishment The boy is being detained because there is a risk that he will destroy the investigation otherwise, he told DN.

According to information Aftonbladet will be detected by its SL card and surveillance cameras, which Niclas Englund chose not to confirm nor to dementia in contact with DN.

Aftonbladet reports Tuesday that the same method could have been used in the arrest of the two further suspects.

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