Three men are suspected of raping a girl at a party in Värmland

The police have been blocked by an apartment in Värmland where the rape must have taken place – it will be investigated by technicians.

The girl was brought to the hospital for examination, it is unclear whether she has physical damage.

"I can not say as much as it is early in the research and the confidentiality procedure is high, Tommie Bodin, researcher at the Värmland police.

The three men are suspected of raping the girl during a party on Saturday night.

– Two people were arrested and later arrested, and the third was abandoned and later arrested, says Tommie Bodin.

The police continue to hear the suspects and witnesses.

– Everyone has not been heard completely.

Are there witnesses present in this apartment?

"I do not want to go into it, the focus should be on those who will be the first to be heard.

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