Three men arrested suspicion of attempted murder – P4 Västernorrland

It was just after one o'clock, the night until Sunday, when the police were warned by a wounded man who blew heavily. The information provider also said that different people had sprung from the address.

"If we are there with an ambulance, we will find a man who bloody bleeding from a shoulder injury in one hand or arm at the age of 40. He had lost a lot of blood and he also says he was beaten with other means, says Börje Öhman, communication officer at the police of the North region.

The man was taken to the Sundsvall hospital and his condition of injury is unclear.

Half an hour later, at half past three, a police patrol arrives at a parked car in the immediate vicinity. There are three men in it. The on-the-spot observations make the men suspect of the crimes arrested.

The detainees are 35, 30 and 25 years old respectively. According to the police, all three are badly affected.

– They have not been heard until today. They are all arrested by the public prosecutor with the murder attempt to murder, says Börje Öhman.

The crime scene has been abandoned and has been investigated during the day by police forensic investigation.

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