Tomas Tobé on Mission Review mapping

In the assessment of the mission of the evening, the program shows a picture of perpetrators who have been convicted of rape and attempted rape in the past five years.

The survey shows that 58 percent of the 843 convicted persons were born abroad.

The figure only concerns convicted perpetrators and "Mission Review" shows in the program that this is only a small part of all reported rapes: "Therefore you can not draw conclusions about ALL rapists."

The legal spokesperson Tomas Tobé of the moderators thinks that too little research has been done into the background of the sex offenders.

In 2017, the moderators demanded that the government give the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, the task of making a card of sexual offenses. This mapping has not been done since 2005.

"We must dare to have an honest discussion about culture and norms, for example if you come from Afghanistan, the risk is pretty big that you have a completely different picture of women and their rights in society. be clear about what applies in Sweden, rights and obligations, but also work with mandatory targeted information on, for example, young asylum seekers, and we must do everything we can to ensure that we get so few victims in Sweden, "says Tomas. Tobé.

"I think the Swedish people manage to have two thoughts at the same time – it is clear that immigrants who come from a particular group do not automatically commit sexual offenses, but you can also realize that you can have an overrepresentation in a group. Then it is better to try it.

"It is a tragedy that it is a mission statement that should produce such research because the government has not given Brå the political support to do this earlier, but it has now been said that a sort of broad mapping must be done. : reality calls.

The moderators want to sharpen the penalty

Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S) tells SVT that the government has not imposed such a mapping on Brå Selv initiating this investigation.

"We have no control over the research in this way, if Brå says," Here we have to do further studies, "then you do that.

In May, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) said in his duel against Moderator Ulf Kristersson in Expressen TV:

– If they (Brå) think they need new statistics, let them do it. "Do it", we say to them.

Moderators Tomas Tobé and Elisabeth Svantesson today write to Expressen Debatt that foreign rapists must be "expelled to a considerably greater extent" than today. They also want to see punishment and early information for those coming to Sweden from a country where "the view of women is considerably worse than it is here".

Morgan Johansson tells SVT that Social Democrats and moderates are "equally tough" on this issue.

– It is wrong to claim that you did nothing during this period. We have one of the strongest laws against sexual offenses that we have ever had and which are in force from 1 July. We have focused the efforts and information against asylum seekers on what to do in Sweden, and we have been there for a number of years, he says to SVT.

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