Torkan forced Sveaskog to force majeure – News (Ekot)

"We felt compelled to take the force majeure clause, which is a clause in all our agreements and in general terms," ​​said Viveka Beckeman, Chief Legal Officer at Sveaskog.

Force majeure is one legal term invoked for extreme circumstances and when circumstances that a company does not hold affect the agreements entered into.

"The extreme drought and fires we experienced in the summer were considered such a circumstance that we informed our customers that we were at risk of not being able to complete our deliveries due to force majeure," said Viveka Beckeman.

How often are you forced to take this action?

"I veteran is the first time.

Because the drought affected the entire country, there were a large number of customers who were warned that wood supplies could be omitted due to force majeure. But how many customers experienced are not yet known about Sveaskog.

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