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Leader Gotlands Allehanda Isabella Lövin (MP) is not only a linguist, but also a deputy prime minister and minister of development. During the Almedalweek she had to explain why the family in her fleet has a mono truck with diesel engine. It did not work properly. Something happened that her husband sometimes carries heavy stones.

Yesterday she got into trouble again because she does not live as the Environmental Party teaches, or rather preaches. Expressen wrote about how zealously she fled across the world and contrary to the recommendations, the tickets were of the more advanced variety that is called business class. In total one and a half million to date.

Actually, I have no problem with the Swedish ministers who fly a little fleetingly. They represent Sweden and, in general, it is good if they are not too wrinkled and too rough when they arrive. And although there are 1.5 million many, it is only incorrect billing money compared to what the Environment Party wasted on ineffective environmental policy, which is about changing people than about reducing CO2 emissions.

However, in one way or another it is irresistible and extremely sincere at the same time when those who like to breed the Swedes how they should behave – including a flight tax that has exacerbated or worsened the relationship between Gotland and the mainland – seem to work in a completely different way. . Ordinary people do not only have to pay the air passenger tax, they also finance the extravagant Isabella Lövin tickets. There is no consolation that the tickets are so expensive that the air passenger tax is not that much noticeable.

Expressen points out that the British newspaper The Guardian has calculated that the one who flies business class instead of economy class with British Airways, increases the climate impact by 3.5 times. The seats take up more space, which means that the transport is not as efficient as the economy class. It learns in a similar way as other airlines.

How did Isabella Lövin manage to explain the hypocrisy this time? Yes, it did not go much better than last time. She managed to blame her husband and his stones, but instead pointed to his colleagues in the government office. It is strange that Lövin's tickets were much more expensive than the colleges when they had the same travel destination.

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