Trippel murders in Frölunda in Gothenburg – three deaths found

Two young children and one woman were found dead in an apartment in Gothenburg.

A man is arrested as suspected of the triple murders of his family.

"He called and said that he had killed them, and he was arrested in the apartment," Thomas Fuxborg told the police.

The police were warned at 04.51 on Sunday for an apartment in Frölunda in Gothenburg.

Two children and one woman were found dead in the residence. According to information for Aftonbladet, the children are younger than two years old and are found dead in bed.

"It is a man who called us and stated that he had killed his wife and their two younger children," said Thomas Fuxborg, police chief of the Gothenburg police.

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Alleged travel deaths in Frölunda in Gothenburg

Forensic investigation

The man of 35 years old was arrested in the apartment because he was suspected of threefold murders. He was taken to hospital because he also injured himself, according to the duties of Aftonbladet.

"We talked to him and during the first hearing he was sentenced to suspicion of what he did, murder in three cases," said Fuxborg.

The police blocked the apartment and during the Sunday the forensic investigation carried out a crime scene.

"We also started knocking doors, but at the moment we want to sit low with all the details," says Fuxborg.

Relatives are informed.

"It is difficult for everyone involved, because it is never fun when children are affected," says Fuxborg.

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