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Esa Teittinen, 62, was sentenced in 2010 to his denial to 15 years in prison for killing a man in Solna who had been found dead in a bathtub. Two and a half years ago lawyer Marko Tuhkanen got the case and then he was convinced: Esa Teittinen is innocent convicted.

This was the beginning of a period with a lot of work in preparation for a travel application.

On the half-hour on Friday, the reward came with the message from Svea Hovrätt after the case was re-examined: "Further enforcement of the sanction imposed by Esa Teittinen by Svea is that they can not take place on October 21, 2010".

"I cried a little tear when I was told, I have always been fully convinced that we will come here, but you can never be completely sure, and it has put a lot of pressure on me. will end if I can not praise this country, now I could give him justice and continue my business, says Marko Tuhkanen, and continues:

"It feels great for him, we have been fighting for two and a half years and now we are in the goal.

Tuhkanen then says that many people are thanked for the rescue work, including a team of physiological experts in which Pekka Karhunen and Anders Eriksson, both professors of forensic medicine, have entered.

The experts are convinced that the 70-year-old victim has been killed.

– A big thank you to them and to everyone who did this.

Have you ever hesitated?

– Never. As soon as I got this case, I realized very quickly that this man is crazy and morally innocent of it. It is impossible that he drowned based on the findings of the autopsy. That is the pressing question here.

How did Esa Teittinen take this?

"Esa is a calm person and he does not heat up unnecessarily, he has come out now and wants to breathe a little bit and, of course, likes the truth to come true, it's just sad that it took so long.

The verdict will be announced on September 7, but if Esa Teittinen is released, he will be released.

"You can really feel this somewhere, that you have done something special in your life, but Esa is right, that's the most important thing, and now we're going to work hard to explain this to explain why this happened to prevent it from happening. happens again.

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