TV: Sittgympa with Ebba Busch Thor

A few minutes later the young party leader appeared at Hitpoint Bagar. She apologized for the smell of her "farm" because she came directly from a visit to a farmer in Falköping.

The Christian Democrat seems to be popular among the visitors of Hitpoint Bagar. Many wanted a word with Ebba Busch Thor when she stooped after the sitgympan for the guests for "flash coffee" as it is called.

Afterwards it was a press conference for local media where Ebba Busch Thor chose to focus on the policy of the party with a view to the visit.

The party wants, among other things, that older people have a stronger position in the labor market.

"We have to let go of aging on the basis of age and ensure that people experience and appreciate it in the workplace.

KD wants to reduce the tax for everyone over the age of 64 and make it cheaper for employers to hire older people by giving up the special payroll tax.

The taxation of pensioners will be canceled and at the same time the rent allowance for people with the lowest pension will be increased.

-It can give 1300 more crowns per month.

Nobody has to doubt whether you get a place in a retirement home or not. That is why more needs to be built.

Ebba Busch Thor also marked because there is an older minister, both at national and local level.

"There is no voice for the elderly of Sweden, and if we win the elections, I want to be," said the party leader, and in response he received a resounding applause.

In Skövde it is the start of Monday for a new retirement home in Ekedal with about 80 seats, but according to local KD politicians it will not be enough.

"The 80+ share will increase by 40 percent in ten years," says Isabelle Waldenvik, KD in Skövde.

"If we can give our elderly a safe old age, we also need to have conditions with more old people's homes

The party has locally developed a new program for elderly programs. Everyone wants to be 85+ to decide whether they want to move to a retirement home without the help assessment.

The first in September starts a home team in Skövde, that anyone who leaves a hospital home helps to come home safely. This is also part of the elderly program. Another part is to offer all persons who have done 75 years of extra home care per month for 75 years. However, this is not yet a reality.

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