Two fishermen in seagull – Start

The rescue of the sail was warned on Sunday evening at 8 pm. A fishing boat with a southern course between Gotland and Öland started taking water on Sunday evening and had to be rescued.

– The front of the boat takes water. It is about a 12 meter long fishing boat and two bilge pumps are on the boat. At the moment there is no risk that the boat would sink, "said Birgitta Eckermark, cockpit crew at the Maritime and Aviation Rescue Center on Sunday 23.

The boat changed course to Gotland and had lifeboats and two helicopters available if the situation on the boat had deteriorated.

It was a rough sea trip and the rescue lasted a few hours.

A surface carrier was celebrated up to the boat to mount the two bilge pumps.

"The rough lake made it difficult to celebrate the surface of the helicopter, but it was good," said Birgitta Eckermark.

At 02 the fishermen had landed in the fishing port of Vändburg. They are well maintained, but one of them was soft and cold.

"It was a fight against leakage all the time, but it was the way," said Jonas Malmstedt, Rescue Director at the Maritime and Aviation Rescue Center.

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