Two men messengers in central Skövde

The police were alerted to McDonald's on Rådhusgatan just before midnight. One of the men, according to the police, was crushed in the back and the other in the stomach.

The men were taken to the Skaraborg hospital in Skövde by ambulance. At 9 pm on Sunday evening the police reported that the two men had been heard during the day.

"They have not suffered life-threatening injuries, but are still in hospital", says Mats Trogen, researcher at the Skaraborg Police.

It became turbulent on the site after the knife cut. A large policeman was annexed, but the suspected perpetrator, or suspected perpetrators, managed to escape.

No suspected offender could have been arrested on Sunday evening. The police do not want to go further into what was said during the hearing with the two wounded.

There were many people moving around the city during the Saturday night. Early in the morning the police stated that they were interested in receiving evidence from the time that the knife knives occurred. During the Sunday there have been witnesses who have heard, but the police still say they are interested in more observations.

"All observations are important," says Mats Trogen.

Footnote: Witnesses can contact the police at telephone number 11414.

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