Ulf Kristersson and Stefan Löfven have problems with pensioners

There was intense concern about the pensions of pensions.

When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven replicated, he retired.

– We will strengthen the pension system, why can not you give the same message? says Löfven.


Ulf Kristersson started his speech by telling us that if you want a new government, it is the moderates to vote for.

"I meet people who think that the state is not complying with part of the important social contract," he says.

Stefan Löfven responded to the contradiction with the pensioners and their pension.

"We want to strengthen the system instead of reducing taxes," says Löfven.

Pause about pensioners

There was a severe disruption of pensions when the two prime ministers responded to each other about what their parties wanted to do for their retirement.

– We will strengthen the pension system, why can not you give the same message? says Löfven.

Stefan Löfven believes that social democrats want the pension system to provide 70 percent of the final salary.

Ulf Kristersson believes that the pension system helps the elderly in the long term and reduces the burden on pensioners.

"If you want to improve the situation of pensioners here and now, then there is a lower tax for those who have worked," says Kristersson.

Then they repeated to each other.

Åkesson has increased the formation of the government

Jimme Åkesson (SD) discussed how Ulf Kristersson would build a government.

He meant that he had to talk to Stefan Löfven, but he did not seem to want it.

– Or are you coming to talk to me, but do not you want to talk to me?

But Kristersson did not want to answer

– It is not a majority party. What I want to say is that a vote on M is a guaranteed voice to replace Stefan Löfven, says Ulf Kristersson.

Fridolin continued with the environment

Gustav Fridolin responded to Ulf Kristersson to ask what he would do for the environment.

"We are concerned about the extreme hood, and moderate politicians are concerned that people are facing the climate threat," said the MP leader.

Ulf Kristersson believes that they have solutions for the climate.

"I respect because I am the first, but I have no respect for your solutions," says Ulf Kristersson.

He means that they want the same thing, but are uncomfortable about the means.

"We want to value air freight, not airliners," says Ulf Kristersson.

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