Ulf Kristersson is asked on the P1 morning of SR

On Wednesday morning, the candidate from the M leader and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson was interviewed in the "P1 morning" program of Swedish radio.

Here he said that he has no plans to form a moderate one-party state after the elections – but there was a reservation.

"If we are in a messy position after the election, where nobody is in the majority, we have to stick to that," he says.

In the interview he wants to promise not to form a one-man government.

– Yes, I have no plans at all.

Inge is planning, but can you promise? Asks SR program leader Daniel Alling.

"With all the information I have now, my unambiguous plan is to form a better government than we have today with the alliance.

But he reserves to say that what will happen after the election depends on how voters vote.

"The voters will influence what conditions there are to form a good government," says Ulf Kristersson.

"We will try to form a joint alliance government," he continues.

Interview in Sweden & # 39; s Radio comes in the wake of the interview in the British newspaper Financial Times, in which Ulf Kristersson said that the Swedish state is in an equally serious crisis as the financial crisis in the 1990s.

Now he meets that criticism.

– The last thing that Sweden had serious political problems was the crisis of the nineties. That time we solved them. Then it was mainly about economy. Now it is about other things, he says, and continues:

"I did the comparison because we learned at that time to come together and help, so that we can really solve problems, and that's what we have to do now, he says.

He develops and says that it is about legitimacy of politics and trust in capital.

"If politics is unable to solve big problems, then politics will lose their ability to lead and be an authority in society," he says.

Interview in the Financial Times, Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S), said the moderate leader would drive away investors from Sweden.

On his Facebook page Ulf Kristersson meets the criticism.

"Whoever thinks more about the foreign image of the Swedish problems than what they can do about it, should probably do something different."

Ulf Kristersson about Hanif Bali

Ulf Kristersson also explains in the interview why SD has been able to grow so much.

"We have had a poorly functioning integration policy and migration policy.

Now he repeated what he said earlier.

"We need a long-term migration policy that fits with what Sweden does.

He also proposes to set up a study to arrive at what Sweden is doing.

"A vote on the moderates will be a voice on a sustainable Swedish migration policy," he says.

About Hanif Bali's attentive weapon image, says Ulf Kristersson:

– It was an inappropriate photo that could be misunderstood.

Ulf Kristersson later took part in the "Call P1" program of Swedish radio, where he responded to the listeners' questions. There was a lot of business policy, ranging from kindergartens to casino ads.

M about fresh colors

But a listener asked why M wants to get a market rent. Ulf Kristersson became angry and criticized other politicians.

"A bad thing in Swedish politics are these constant lies about each other's policies, when people prefer to talk about opponents' politics than their own policies," he says.

"It is wrong, it is a lying description of our policy", he continues.

He did not agree with the statement that M wants to face the market rent. Instead, he talked about wanting to see a broad reform of the housing market.

"I would like to see a radical renovation of the housing policy, look at all regulations at the same time, how much you can borrow, how the rental rules will look, what you have to build and how much you can build, everything like that," he says.

But here is room to look at another rental institution, says the moderator.

"In the context of a major change, we have to look at how rental rules work, because it does not work well today," says Ulf Kristersson.

Another listener wondered what the views of the moderates were in religious schools.

"I support the basic and absolute condition that you follow the Swedish curriculum, it is incredibly important, and we will have no religious involvement in teaching," says Ulf Kristersson.

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