Up to 100 cars injured in a fire in Uppsala

At 1.40 am SOS was alerted about two cars that were on fire in a two-story garage in Gränby in Uppsala.

Two stations were sent to the site.

– It burned in two cars, but then there were estimates of 70 to 100 other cars that received both smoke and soot damage in connection with the fire ", says Magnus Skyttberg in Storstockholm Rescue Center

Initially there should have been a proliferation risk for Other buildings

Comprehensive Work With Consequential Damage

The extinguishing work lasted about two hours before the last device could leave at 3.50 am

– The extinguishing work went smoothly, resulting in more extensive consequential damage.What we do in this case is that we contact a manager of the residual value that monitors the damage and contacts the insurance companies involved, and in this case a large number of cases were involved.

A report of a fiery fire will be established, announces the police on their website.

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