Uppsala: Suspected murder at age 17 – News (Ekot)

At 9.30 am last night the police were interviewed that it was sloppy in the Kvarngärdeskolan in Uppsala, where most people were in a hurry to use the care.
When the police arrived, the noise was reduced and a 17-year-old wounded knife was found.

"He was ill at that time and was quickly picked up by an ambulance and was taken to the Academic Hospital, where he died shortly after he died as a result of the injury," says Per Bjurström, commander at the police center in the Mitt area.

The police started a preliminary investigation into murder and later in the night two men could be held at the age of 20.
The police still do not know how many people were involved in the noise or why it happened.

"We work fairly broadly to get as good a picture as possible, to continue with other research measures," says Per Bjurström.

He also says that someone can not yet pronounce himself if the event is not related to earlier recordings in the nearby Gränby / Löten area.

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