Vasas missing cannon found Aftonbladet

Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT

Vasa in his museum. It was April 24, 1961 that Vaasa broke the water surface. Stock Photography.

The Vasas missing cannon with three cannons was probably found. The find is located in the dungeon at the outlet location of Vasa and was unveiled thanks to the new technology, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

"It is incredibly big," says Leif Nylander, leader of the Netherlands, who is in charge of the study of the newspaper.

Robert Wilson Marine Technologies (RWMT) has systematically scanned the landfill outside of Beckholmen in the center of Stockholm. The new technology is a further development of ultrasound, with which you can see what is at the bottom.

Several findings have been made and at 32 meters depth, just over two meters away, one of the 64 guns of the regiment ship is supposed to be.

"It seems that the 16th-century trumpet player we were looking for and, as we know, with research, has fallen and was never found when storing a large number of Vasa guns in the 17th century," says Fred Hocker, researcher of Vasa, SvD.

Before the finding can be confirmed, further examinations must be carried out.

The wages of Vaasa 1961 was a world sensation. The latest discovery, Vasa's large boat, was salvaged in 1967. New studies 15 years ago did not yield any results.

Vasa collapsed and fell outside Beckholmen on his jungfruresa on August 10, 1628.

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