View the photo 's of the new house of Isabella Löwengrip on Lidingö

Isabella Löwengrip is doing well.

She is successful in the business world and currently operates a million million with various companies.

Recently she told the Breakit site that a state-owned company valued her company Löwengrip Care & Color to 400 million.

"We really have a good price, it has been up to 400 million and you thought:" You will make money and replace the house at home, "she told Breakit.

Löwengrip chose not to sell, but she still bought and bought her dream home.

It was earlier this week that Blondinbella told her everything was written and that she now owned a luxury home in Lidingö, Stockholm.

Löwengrip & # 39; s house from outside.

photo: The blog of Isabella Löwengrip

"Hörni, by the way, I wrote on paper for a new house, I live in the left hand file as usual, but I love it, I just want the inspection to go through first and nothing shows a lot what it would mean to me. cancel purchase It's a dream home, "wrote Blondinbella on his blog.

The house should have had a calling rate of SEK 24.9 million, but ended up at about SEK 30 million.

One of the living rooms

photo: The blog of Isabella Löwengrip

Isabella Löwengrip has previously lived in Lidingö. The contractor had just moved with Odd Spånberg to a house on Lidingö, when both opted for separation. While Spångberg went back to the inner part of the divorce, Löwengrip chose to stay in their communal house and let go of Odd Spångberg from the residence.

But her new home is much larger than the previous one.

Löwengrip writes on the blog that it is 352 square meters, has a plot of 2100 square meters, a private entrance from the road and a private pier 100 meters from the house.

There are three bathrooms in the house, three large terraces, a fireplace, a kitchen with walk-in closet and wine room.

This is what the kitchen looks like

photo: The blog of Isabella Löwengrip

"In a wing I have a bedroom with bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom in one, it is absolutely beautiful, and next year the pool and the pool house will be built!", Writes Isabella Löwengrip on his blog.

She tells us that the floating glass will take place on 8 November.

"It's a great house and I'm hard to melt it is actually mine," writes Löwengrip and continues:

"There are not that many different mothers under 30 who live in a house for nearly 30 million, but someone has to be the first."

The big wardrobe of Isabella Löwengrip in the new house.

photo: The blog of Isabella Löwengrip

Expressen has applied for Isabella Löwengrip, who refers to the blog.

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