Warning for police: the threats of the boat engine are now approaching

Look for each other's boats: if you leave your boat for a longer period of time, ask someone to overlook the boat. For example, you can ask someone for:

* Make sure the lights are on at different times.

* Keep the boat clean and tidy for bird games.

* Fold or open the chapel from time to time.

* Set the flag.

* Hang a towel or something similar.

* Lift the boat regularly.

* Try to make your boat seem uninhabited.

Then you can prevent theft from or from your own boat:

* Mark your engine with hidden and visible marking. Many boat companies do this. If you label yourself, a social security number is better than a name.

* Make sure the boat is properly secured with an approved lock.

* Sporegever GPS / GSM / VHF is preventive. Contact your insurance company the type that they approve.

* Block the thief when the boat is on land. Regular supervision is important.

* Stolts usually happen when it is dark. Good lighting is therefore important.

* Try to think like a thief – find the weak links and avoid it.

Think about theft and further contact with the police:

* Exact data for your observations.

* Cars & # 39; s and vehicles – Enter registration number, brand, color, other functions such as emblems or broken lights and where the vehicle has disappeared.

* Persons – Consider number, gender, age, height, body type, hair color, clothing, glasses, beard, bags / bags and other characteristics.

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