Wictor, 15, was attacked by a dog – died from the damage

Wictor Nilsson was a happy and stubborn teenager who loved jokes with people, his mother Therese Benmessaoud tells.

It is three weeks since he died. It was July 27 that the boy was attacked by a dog in the parental home where he was placed. According to the police, Wictor Nilsson was bitten by the throat – and died instead of his injuries.

Now, Mother Therese Benmessaoud talks about his boundless grief.

– The head is empty, it stops functioning in total. You lose words, you lose time and space. If it is day or night, you have no idea of ​​anything, she says.

Wictor & # 39; s mother about the grief: "So tired"

She continues:

– I am so tired paranormally gifted. I can no longer be among the people, I get so tired.

The father had the custody of Wictor Nilsson. He has approved that Expressen publishes the name and image of Wictor, but does not want to speak publicly about the public.

Instead, Mother says to Therese and she wants the event to be noticed. She is disappointed in social services, she says.

Wictor Nilsson was placed in the parental home in March of this year. He previously lived in two other single-family homes, but the foster parents had been sick there.

Therese Benmessaoud is disappointed in the social service.

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Therese Benmessaoud visited him daily.

The current summer day in July she was at work when the police listened and said she had to come home, she says.

– My first thought was whether I had anything with me when I was shopping everything in the car? The thoughts rolled out. The police said they would only talk to me.

Exposed to a fatal dog attack

When Therese Benmessaoud entered the site of the local newspaper, she read a deadly dog ​​attack. She understood it immediately.

– Then I said to my husband "no, oh my god, it is Wictor".

She was subsequently confirmed by the police who discovered that it was her 15-year-old son who had been killed. The son she describes as "happy, joking and stubborn."

– I started to laugh and scream and was completely hysterical. It was really nice afterwards, the mother tells.

On Therese Benmessaoud's side, Wictor Nilsson had seven brothers and sisters. He had two of his father's side.

Especially the little brother Elias, 4, has taken the mortality rate extremely hard. He stood near his big brother and missed him, the mother tells.

The little brother destroyed by grief

She herself does not really get a grip on the grief.

– I am completely silent. I have closed my feelings. I walk around like a robot. I have a four-year-old who mourns more than I do now. I first have to let my children mourn, says Therese Benmessaoud.

She continues:

– It was always Wictor and Elias. They did everything together. Sometimes he can go on the balcony and say "good night wictor" to the stars.

The four-year-old has also put all his toys in a closet to get Wictor.

– He wants to give back his big brother, he is ruined, says Therese Benmessaoud.

The church investigates the death attack

Sarah has made a notification to investigate the incident.

Therese Benmessaoud expressed his dissatisfaction with the social services that said a demonstration had to be held in connection with the funeral.

The municipality has sent its investigation to the Inspectorate for Care and Care. At the same time, the police have started a preliminary investigation into non-compliance with dogs and cats and the cause of death.

The dog was killed on the spot.

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