Woman on a mountain bike hunted by bear in Rättvik

The alarm arrived at the police at 7.36 pm that a woman was being chased by a bear. According to the police, the hunt has lasted several hundred meters.

"There was a gray bear and haunted her hundreds of meters," said police spokesman Stefan Wickberg.

The woman should not have been injured.

"No, nobody is hurt, but she is certainly very excited," says Stefan Wickberg.

The area where the woman touches the bear is located just outside the center of Rättvik in an open-air area with a number of exercise slings.

During the day, orientation races were held in the area. According to early information, further matches would be held on Thursday, but it is uncertain whether Stefan Wickberg is true.

During the evening, the police have unsuccessfully requested the district administration.

"It is those who have the skills and the ability to make a decision, we will make it tomorrow morning," says Stefan Wickberg.

According to Rune Daniels, head of the rescue service in Rättvik, the bear was seen several times on the edge of the center of Rättvik. Even Roger Eklund, the coach of the IK Club Interview Club, who competed in the area in the garden, is aware that there is a bear in the neighborhood.

"Yes, there is a bear, but it usually does not look good," he says.

Do you want to take action now?

"If there are more problems, we will discuss it, but after a single event like this I do not know," he says.

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