Yougov: Åkesson jumps in popularity – Busch Thor is on the rise

The Christian Democrats drip from the Riksdag as the election today, it shows the latest measurement of Yougov, commissioned by Metro.

But for the party leader Ebba Busch Thor it is much better. She is the second most popular party leader – only M leader Ulf Kristersson is more popular among voters.

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In the latest Yougov survey, Busch Thor gets 2.92 on a five-degree scale. Kristersson lands at 3.10.

In fact, the Alliance leaders are those who like the electorate the most. Behind Busch Thor is the liberal party leader Jan Björklund and center leader Annie Lööf takes fourth place.

The Swedish Democrats Jimmie Åkesson was previously a favorite among voters, but now he is losing popularity in popularity. In July he got 2.85 on the scale – in August it was only 2.59.

The worst thing is that the voters think of the language pipeline of the environmental party Isabella Lövin and Gustav Fridolin, while Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) is in the middle of the list.

In the Yougov survey about the popularity of the party leaders, participants can score points from one to five about how well they hold the party leaders, regardless of which party the participants vote for themselves. One on the scale corresponds to "very bad" and five on the scale "very good".

The survey was conducted by YouGov in the period 17-20 August 2018. A total of 1,526 interviews were conducted via the panel of men and women of 18 years and older of YouGov. The sample is representative of the Swedish population in terms of gender, age, region and distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections in September 2014.

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