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The firearm warned the police shortly after 5 pm on Sunday. A young man in the upper teens was then shot on the square in Länsmansgården in the northwest of Gothenburg.

– There were people in their place who rang the doorbell, there were outside and many in the area. So there are many witnesses ", says Jens Christensen, commander at the West police district.

A suspected perpetrator would have disappeared on foot from the place.

"It is an unknown perpetrator who came up and shot the man and then immediately disappeared from the place," says Jens Christensen.

Shot with several shots

A policeman is still on the scene and the police are now working on hearing witnesses, among other things.

The injured man was taken to the hospital.

According to the police, his injuries are not life-threatening. However, he must have been hit by different shots.

In the summer it was generally relatively quiet on the farm of Bishop and Länsmansgården, districts where otherwise often throat conflicts were.

Shot even in July

The last shooting in the area, which took place at Väderilsgatan, appears from 11 July when a man in his twenties was shot outside a supermarket.

He did not meet, however.

But by the way, in 2018 only one shot has been registered in the district.

A police source tells the GP that the shooting of Sunday may have to do with the conflict between two Falangs in the area, but at the same time it is just as likely that it has the ground in inequality between individuals.

"You get worried"

Jan Berggren lives in the area and was on his way with his dog when he heard about the shooting.

– It is clear that you are worried. If you go out with your dog, you always take your mobile phone with you so that you can call if you see or threaten something or something, he says to the GP's reporter.

The event is classified as an attempted murder. Nobody has been arrested.

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