Young woman died after a collision with moose

At 20:30 on Saturday evening an alarm was reported about a road accident on route 26/47, near Sandhem in Mullsjö. A car with four young people collided with a moose and then drove off the road into a tree.

"That tree has also fallen over the car," said Lars – Göran Nilseryd, guard at the Eastern police region, to TT on Saturday night.

Three of the people should have been clamped and one must be thrown out of the car in connection with the accident. To get the victims out, the rescue department had to cut down parts of the tree and cut the car.

On 03.02, the police announced that one of the people, a young woman of the 20s, died as a result of the accident. According to TT, the woman would have already died when the police arrived. Relatives are informed.

"The deceased is homeowner in Skåne", says Martin Detterström, policeman at Jönköpingspolisen.

The four people traveling in the car, two men and two women, have to be born between 1996 and 2000. According to Aftonbladet, all victims must come from different parts of southern Sweden.

Of the three people who survived the accident, two are assessed as seriously injured and severely injured. Two were transferred to Ryhov County Hospital and one to Skaraborg Hospital. One of those who were taken to Ryhov was later transferred to the University Hospital in Linköping as his situation deteriorated. The person who was admitted to hospital in Ryhov without further relocation was sent on Sunday, reports the provincial hospital Ryhov in a press release.

Aftonbladet states that a person is currently being subjected to bone fractures.

The moose died during the collision.

The text is updated.

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