Yüksel: "Feels incredibly disappointed" Gothenburg Message

Wednesday afternoon the bomb was from the party board of the Center Party. Mikail Yüksel, the top name of the party in Gothenburg, was excluded from the party with immediate effect. According to the party, he had contacts with the High-Extreme Turkish organization Gray Wolves without telling the party.

He attended a meeting about five years ago when the Gray Wolves wanted to start a local branch in Sweden.

Now Mikail Yüksel goes back to the criticism and says that he has changed since the encounter with the Gray Wolves.

– I took part in the meeting, but nothing has been done. I do not think it was good for me. Then I started to deal with social problems in Sweden. Then I studied at the university, got a new ideology and a new view on society. In connection with that I have also started politically. The more I have worked for the Center Party, the more I stopped Turkish politics and ethnic conflicts, "said Mikail Yüksel.

Be open for the party

He believes he was open to what happened and told about his contacts with the Gray Wolves before being nominated for the Riksdag.

– I have told my background about my father (politician of the nationalist party in Turkey, ed.), About the attempt to start a local department before the nomination process. I asked if it was ok to apply with this background. I did not want to harm the party. They said it was ok as long as I left. "I think you should be candidates," they told me, "he says.

Mikail Yüksel says he has proof that he has told the meeting. Among other things, a sound recording of a conversation he had with representatives of the National Organization in the nomination process.

"I am disappointed, incredibly disappointed, my honesty should not be used in this way, is it wrong to be honest and open? The center party has a brown story and they have changed .It is impossible for me to change when it Feast has done it, says Mikail Yüksel.

Why did you go to the meeting for the first time?

– I was invited, there was interest from others, so I was there. But there was nothing. There was nothing for me.

How do you view the Gray wolves today?

"I strongly reject all political parties in Turkey, I respect the policy there, but my job as a Swedish politician is here: In Sweden we have democracy, all political organizations can settle here, and if we agree, that's another matter.

Thinking about starting a new party

The Center Party is now investigating whether they can change their parliamentary lists before the elections. If that does not work, Mikail Yüksel can be selected for a centenary. Whatever happens, he will continue his parliamentary candidacy.

"I am in politics to influence the challenges here, I do not agree to sit on items and receive the costs, I see that I have strong support from people with a foreign background, but also from people with a Swedish background. My goal is to start a new party, he says.

If you are chosen, what policy do you want to drive?

"I will concentrate a lot on Islamophobia, xenophobia and all kinds of extremism, that is my core point, and of course I will not conduct a hundred percent central policy, I will have different visions depending on what the problem is about. to theirs, because I agree with most parts.

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