Yüksel had announced the party – more than a year ago Gothenburg Message

Yesterday, the top candidate of the center party in Gothenburg, Mikail Yüksel, was excluded. This after he admitted to the party leadership that he had ties with the High Extreme Organization Gray Wolves.

But Yüksel had informed the party more than a year ago before signing up.

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GP participated in a sound recording where in March 2017 he tells everything about a unit manager at the regional unit of the Center Party.

The meeting was about the background of Yüksel would make it difficult for a parliamentary candidate.

For the head of the unit, Yüksel said that his father had been in the National Action Department in Turkey, was a mayor in a Turkish city, and that he fought with his father.

"You do not think history is an obstacle for me to apply?", asks Mikail Yüksel during the meeting.

But the unit manager says that there should be no problem.

"I do not think it's an obstacle for you if you're sure it's your background."

Told about the gray wolves

Hereafter, Yüksel stated that in 2013 he was about to set up a Swedish division of the Gray Wolves youth division of the National Action Party, but he did not continue with the case.

"In Sweden I tried to start their youth organization, but when the poll started rolling, I thought:" What should I do? "It is not possible to run a Turkish political party in Sweden, today we see what they do across Europe"he says to the unit manager.

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The head of the unit also tells Yüksel that his background could be a strength for him.

"If we only look at it, I would say that there is no problem for the candidate, in fact, this could be a force. If I know this and have re-evaluated it, I think it could be an advantage with this luggage ".

Communication error within the Center Party

Mikail Yüksel informed GP that he had contacted the head of the department to ensure that a candidacy did not harm the party's reputation, which he also put forward during the meeting.

"I wanted to be honest by telling my story because I did not want to harm the party, I told everything and they said there was no scam with my candidacy, he says.

The head of the unit undertakes to have broken the case.

"I urged Mikail to deal with it, he did not, but since then I have not done my part, I would go on and that's the problem, it's a mistake I made, says the head of the unit. at the GP.

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Management: "A big mistake"

Center Party party secretary Michael Arthursson believes it is all "a big mistake".

– It should have been passed on to the management. At the same time, many others have asked him questions about his background, after which he never tackled this. Not for me, not for our communication unit, nor for the nomination committee, he says.

Although Yüksel made the right turn when he announced the head of the unit, Arthursson thought he had several chances to announce the party leadership himself.

"During the conversation the head of the unit said that even he himself had to accept this, he did not do this, there have been so many other occasions that he has received questions from us, and he has chosen to become darker. honest from him.

Michael Arthursson is of the opinion that the communication error does not change the circumstances.

"If you've tried to start a right-wing organization in Sweden, then it's very difficult circumstances," he says.

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