A famous artist has been convicted of serious SMS threats at the court of Gothenburg

In February of this year, a famous artist was accused of illegal threats to the Gothenburg court. The violations should have been committed between 11 and 21 January 2017.

In the prosecution, prosecutor Victor Törneke described one of the threats:

"XX threatened YY by sending an SMS to her on January 11, 2017 with a picture of a person holding a gun and wearing a vest with the Big Red Machine log. (which reflects Hells Angels, reds note.)."

During Tuesday he was sentenced to 80 daily fines of SEK 560. He will also pay a compensation of 5000 SEK to the ex-girlfriend.

In the verdict, the court writes:

"In view of the fact that in the photo that was sent, a gun and a west with the logo of the Big Red Machines subgroup of Hells Angel appeared, the image is such that it usually causes serious fear for the own safety of the person who has it. sent."

According to the court, the artist also mentioned the band Club Bandidos in their hot text.

Death threat on the phone

"In general, besides the text message, there is also a phone call in which the man, as I see it, poses a threat to death, the woman, this is clearly an unlawful threat, prosecutor Victor Törneke has said before.

A week after hot sms: a policeman reported that former girlfriend to him. Then, shortly thereafter, he responded with a new text message, which according to the police's preliminary investigation said: "By the way, you can pick up the police report, just unnecessary …"


photo: The artist also sent a smile from a devil to the girlfriend in connection with the threats.

"Do not say anything"

The famous artist has previously achieved success in Sweden and abroad. He has participated in several television shows and wrote songs for the Melodifestivalen.

In connection with the indictment, GT called the artist for a comment.

"I do not say anything," he said, before the conversation broke.

The GT seeks prosecutor Victor Törneke and the lawyer of the artist.

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