Andersson and Svahn become friends again after the crash in Ruka

The Swedish women delivered immediately when the World Cup season in Ruka started with six podium places in three competitions.

– I don’t know if we ever started that well. It was a great weekend, says Anders Byström.

Despite this, there was no positive atmosphere in the Swedish camp after the last start of the hunt. This after a crash in the cluster behind the superior winner Therese Johaug who hit Linn Svahn and Maja Dahlqvist.

Both riders stated afterwards that Ebba Andersson caused the case when she changed jobs so that, according to her own statement, she did not ride Russian Tatjana Sorina. Svahn thought that Andersson should have been cooler downhill and stayed on skis.

– I’ll be honest and say it was Ebba. I pushed behind the pole, she went out and dropped my skis. I had little to do but go to bed. Or yes, I went down the fork so it’s a wonder my groin is still working, she told Aftonbladet.

Before the flight home from Finland, the team had a meeting where the passengers could share their feelings and opinions. According to Anders Byström, everything has now been investigated and the riders are together.

– People want to win and get frustrated when a crash happens. It is clear that there will be some words in the media afterwards. But again, they are young skiers who want a lot and then a microphone is put underneath … Then it comes out, which they feel good, says Anders Byström.

– We talked about it afterwards and everything is fine now. It’s nice to see how much they want, but at the same time you also have to be able to handle it afterwards.

Ebba Andersson took over was not to blame for the crash and tried to talk to Linn Svahn in the mixed zone after the race but got no response.

– It happens right after the race if they have a very high adrenaline level. It may look a certain way, but later they were laughing together at the airport. They wouldn’t have if they couldn’t talk about something like that. No problem.

Is it important to resolve these types of incidents quickly so that there is no disagreement in the long run?

– Yes, quite right. It is important to take it as soon as possible once they have calmed down. Both are sad in different ways and then you have to get it right away. This kind of thing happens and now that we have so many good skiers it will happen multiple times so you have to take it ASAP.

Another who was really dissatisfied after Sunday’s game was Frida Karlsson. After her fourth place, she thought the track in Ruka was not good enough for a hunt in the World Cup.

– She got that question right after and was disappointed after losing a sprint, so I don’t think you should take it that hard, says Byström.

– The special thing (with the track) is that you have a very long and steep slope that then ends with a long and steep descent where you can slide in line with what you lost uphill. It’s a bit of a shame, but it’s in more places. Falun has the same type of course, or at least has had it. It happens in many places, so it is with the tracks. They must be dealt with.

Don’t you think Frida would express herself the same way today?

– No. Immediately afterwards she probably felt that way, she should be allowed to, but not today. No, I do not think so.

Next weekend, the national team in Östersund prepares for the World Cup to continue with matches in Davos, Switzerland (December 12-13) and Dresden, Germany (December 19-20).

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