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Inner band player Mikael Karlsson stuck to doping

Former World Champion Mikael Karlsson: "I finished my career"

Mikael Karlsson, 36, tested positive for cocaine in a doping test.

The former world champion of inner bandy was kicked out of his Swiss club and now tells Sport magazine that he has destroyed everything for him.

"I'm done with my career," he says.

2015/16, Mikael Karlsson won SM silver with Linköping. It is the last major achievement in a long career with 550 points in the highest series and a World Cup gold with the Swedish national team 2004.

After two successful seasons in Swiss Ticoni, Karlsson moved to Kloten-Dietlikon Jets this summer. He scored three goals and assisted seven in six games before the contract was abruptly broken in early October.

He had then tested positive for cocaine.

"I was great"

When Sportbladet talks with Mikael Karlsson, he is back in Sweden and reconciles himself with everything that has happened.

"I do not feel very good as you probably understand," he says.

What was going on?

– I have given my opinion to Antidoping in Switzerland. We had a game on Saturday, I was on Wednesday and really was that night. But I did not consciously take anything with me. So I had no idea that I would get stuck, I was just as shocked as the rest.

Was it okay for the club where you were Wednesday?

– No, maybe it was not good, but it happened. And that's why I did not consciously. Now let's see what's going on. I am in a process with them, but have ended my career.

"The future may look lighter"

This spring Mikael Karlsson wrote for the Nyköpings team Onyx in all Swedish, but he only played a training match before going to Kloten-Dietlikon Jets.

Returning to Onyx does not apply. The club is on the shelf and will stay there.

"It feels pretty good, it just looks like it now, it feels terrifying, but it's just a war, the future just looks lighter.

You are disabled for games. Is there also a legal process in Switzerland?

– I do not want to go into it. But it is nice to have this out of the world. Now I can continue. I have tested positive and take the consequences. But that is nothing that I have been aware of. As you understand, you do not perform better in relation to cocaine.

Has she previously used cocaine?

– No, I did not really do that.

How was the time in the club?

– It was amazing.

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