Lack of games when new consoles are sold out

Both Sony and Microsoft launched new game consoles a few weeks ago. Both the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S have been something gaming enthusiasts have long been looking forward to, and many also took the opportunity to pre-book the consoles at various retailers. But demand has outpaced supply, and now retailers are signaling that gaming-interested customers are doing their best to prepare for delivery of the new machines by 2021.

– When it comes to the PS5, the demand for a record is high. The Xbox is also very much in demand, says Jenny Pedersén, press contact at electronics chain Media Markt.

For those who plan to fix the Christmas game presents over Black Friday, it looks dark. According to Pedersén, all customers who have ordered an Xbox series X or series S will receive their machine in December. However, the same does not apply to those who have ordered a Playstation 5.

– It’s already been booked. If you place an order now, you’ll have to wait for deliveries to come next year, she says, continuing:

– We are waiting for a delivery in January, February. Then I can not answer whether it is also fully booked.

“Delivery in December”

Pedersén doesn’t want to give figures on how many of each console have pre-booked, or how much you risk having to wait until next year for their purchase, but says those who book first will get their machine delivered first.

Nor does the competitor Elgiganten tell you how many people have booked or queued a console, but the company replies in a written note that anyone who booked their console before release will receive it before Christmas:

“We have shipped all the Playstation 5 received on our first delivery. We have a few customers who will receive their delivery in early December. We have chosen not to receive any more orders until we have a confirmed delivery date from Sony.” We supply Xbox Series X consoles continuously. Again, we have chosen not to accept any more bookings until we have a confirmed delivery date. “

No numbers

The electricity giant further writes that the retail chain has “for a long time had the goal of not booking more customers than we can deliver by 2021”.

TT has been in touch with both Sony and Microsoft, both of which say they have no figures on what the offering is like for each machine in the Swedish market.

Availability of Nintendo’s Switch, the third major player in the market, is also expected to be limited during Christmas shopping.

Marcus Alexandersson / TT

The Sony flagship was released on November 12 in North America, Australia, Japan and various other parts of Asia and a week later in Europe and around the world.

As the name suggests, it is Sony’s fifth desktop console. At the end of October of this year, the predecessor Playstation 4 had sold nearly 114 million units to date, a figure that makes the machine the fourth best-selling game console to date, according to industrial media.

The Playstation 5 is sold in a version with a disc reader (about SEK 6,000) and a version without a disc reader (about SEK 5,000).

Playstation plus is the name of Sony’s online service where users can access games, discounts and meet others online – the cost is around 600 crowns for a full year subscription or around 100 crowns per month.

Microsoft launched its new consoles worldwide on November 10.

The machines are the company’s fourth generation of desktop consoles. The predecessor Xbox One has sold about 50 million copies to date, according to industry media.

The Xbox Series X is sold for an estimated price of SEK 5,700. The performance-oriented Xbox Series S has an estimated price of SEK 3,600. The big difference between the two machines is that the Xbox Series X is more powerful, allows gaming in 4K resolution, has a larger hard drive and a disc reader.

However, both consoles are part of Microsoft’s new Xbox game pass, which allows customers to access games online. Xbox Game Pass also works on the computer and mobile, depending on the payment model. The subscription price is SEK 100–140 per month.

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