Petrina Solange to hospital after bloody attack in Malmö

The Swedish comedian Petrina Solange had to spend the New Year's Eve in the hospital after she was attacked by a man on her way to a party in Malmö.

"A man drove past me and hit me in the back of the head with an object that left a jack in the skull, fortunately a guard heard me in the neighborhood and came out and helped stop the bleeding," she writes. in a message on Instagram.

The attack on New Year's Eve took place in Caroli on Rundelsgatan. Sydsvenskan wrote about the event on New Year's Eve:

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Police and ambulance were called and the comedian was brought to the emergency department, where she had to be examined and cared for her injuries. She missed the New Year, but it does not do anything, she continues on Instagram.

"This is Malmö, this is constantly being pushed through," she concludes.

Petrina Solange is a stand-alone comedian and screenwriter and has participated in TV4 & # 39; s "Parlement" and "The Thought Media" in P3.

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